Friday, March 30, 2012

Residents of Ukraine

Well, temporary residents, anyway. And, it feels so good to have that settled! The papers we have are good for a year, and they have right on them a space to renew that for the next year.

So, praise the Lord with us!

On Monday Will will go get our propiski solidified, which could be interesting, because American passports don't have a place for that.

Thank you so much for all your prayers and concern thought this process. Please keep praying for others who are doing this; some other regions are much harder than ours.


Jolene said...

Congratulations! So excited for you!!!

Jessica Curtis said...

Yay! Just you guys get visas for your children?

Phyllis said...

Yes, we did get visas for them. It might not be completely required, but we wanted to take them with us to Poland and to be very sure. They didn't charge us for the little ones there, which was really nice. Our OVIR doesn't do anything for children, no registration under the old laws, no residency now. I think it all depends on what your local OVIR wants.

Baba Julie said...

Rejoicing with you! Love you all!