Monday, March 26, 2012

Poland, part 5

I keep thinking that I'm almost done with Poland photos, and then I look and realize there are more. These are from the Thursday we had in Krakow. (Happy March 8!)

The famous Krakow dragon

Approaching the dragon's cave
We really want to go to Krakow in the summer someday, so that we can go into the cave, among other things.

Jaan climbed up

...and in.

Feeding the swans

Asya feeding the swans

And Raia feeding the swans

Bogdan missed out.

Wawel Castle

Still feeding

And Bogdan woke up.
He loved the swans! Even though our bread supply had run out, they were still all around. He was very happy to watch them. We sat like this until my legs cramped, and then he screamed when I had to stand up. Really, the swans are probably our children's favorite part of Krakow (other than Clarissa).

The funny head on the square

Bible study that evening

Still more coming, believe it or not....


Mom said...

Happy you have the memories the photos represent....we love you all.

Baba Julie said...

Great pictures, Phyllis! Thanks for sharing! Love to you all!