Thursday, March 15, 2012

Poland trip, part 2

The apartment we rented was in a great location, right near the center. We enjoyed our little place.

Bubbles in the bathroom

Silly boy showering

View from the window

See Bogdan's "bed"?

Sunday school
We were also right near our friends' church, so Sunday morning we walked over there. Our children were so happy to see their beloved Clarissa again! It had been two years, and I honestly don't know how much they all remembered each other, but they all got along like best friends. During the first service we tried to follow along in Polish (). Then there was a nice lunch, and afterwards Karen taught Sunday school for the children in both languages. Will had another hour of straight Polish during the second service.

Bogdan was still acting as if he had been severely traumatized by all the travel. Strangely, he didn't mind the men. Jon picked him up, without any protest, and he played happily with others. However, if any of the women even looked at him, he went hysterical.

To be continued...

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