Monday, March 19, 2012

School and songs

I still have more Poland posts coming, but I need to get back into real school first. Last week I was just finishing up some leftover work with Jaan, nothing with Raia. For morning school we were just "doing Polish history," as they say (i.e. reading The Trumpeter of Krakow). By the way, Raia is really loving that book; she usually complains when she has to listen to a read aloud in English, but not this time! And Asya gratified me by asking last week when we would ever get back to reading poems and Bible and singing songs in the mornings. She was very happy today. I guess I hadn't realize how much she enjoys sitting in on morning school, even though I really don't aim it for her at all.

I just today switched out our songs. We'll probably keep working on them right through April now. (I used to think doing Ambleside Online would mean sticking right to the schedules, new art and music exactly at the beginning of each month, nice clean term beginnings and endings. Not so in real life! ) Anyway, the AO English folk song is a fun one this month.

Then we have this for Russian (words):

And this for Ukrainian (words):

Good night!

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