Sunday, March 18, 2012

Poland trip, part 4

Tuesday morning, I think Bogdan and I rested, while the others roamed. Then, after lunchtime, Jon picked us up and took us to the consulate to get our visas. From there he took us to their home, where we met their other guests who were also in Krakow to get Ukrainian visas. We had a very nice visit, sitting around and talking, while the children ran absolutely wild. Bogdan was starting to relax, too.

Wednesday we went out sightseeing:

One of those rare family photos

I really like this one
If you've read The Trumpeter of Krakow, that tower in the distance is where the trumpeter plays from.

Jaan liked this little doorway.

Will says that this is why we don't storm castles.

The girls danced with these musicians.

The tower of St. Mary's (the trumpeter's tower!)

Feeding the pigeons on the square

Listening to the trumpeter

You can see the trumpet, if you look carefully.

And back to the pigeons.

While Jaan fed them, his sisters chased them.

Then, that afternoon, while Bogdan napped and Will stayed in with him, the rest of us met Karen, Kasia and Clarissa at the park. I don't have a single picture from that time, but it was one of the highlights of the trip for me. Karen and I just sat and chatted (and froze a little), while our children played pretty wildly--but so happily!--again. By the end of the time I heard Clarissa using at least one Russian word. I can't even tell how good it was for me to have a kindred spirit to talk to! And when we walked them back to their bus, we saw the first flowers of spring: yellow crocuses.

Still more coming...


Baba Julie said...

Love the pictures! Looks like you had a great time in the midst of all the legal stuff you had to do! Love y'all!

~Karen~ said...

I love your photos! Glad you were able to enjoy your time in Poland and get your visas! We've flown through Poland, but I haven't gotten to see anything except the airport. Doug had to overnight there once but I don't think he saw anything but the hotel and the airport.