Saturday, March 17, 2012

Poland trip, part 3

On our Monday morning in Poland Will went to apply for our visas. The rest of us stayed at the apartment for a little while.


Watching TV
(By the way, we don't usually like TV much, but the Russian Christian station was definitely nice to keep them sitting still in the small apartment!)

And then we set out to look for a park. First we found...

A big locomotive!

And a neat sundial

Then we came to the park. It is incredible! There are several different playgrounds, which are all very nice. We spent time at all of them. Then there are places for sports, which we didn't take advantage of, except for this one:

A climbing wall!

Raia climbing

In his chariot

Jaan took this photo
...of a bird for us to identify. (Haven't yet.) We saw quite a few different kinds of birds, and a squirrel. We had such a great time, that we had to bring Will back after he finished at the consulate, and after we had rested. Then we went to the park at least once almost every day for the rest of our time in Krakow.

Back at the park with Papa

To be continued...
(I really do have nice, pretty touristy Poland pictures coming, too.)

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Anonymous said...

You make Krakow seem like a child's paradise; thank you for the pictures of those sweet children enjoying their time there. Love you all....