Monday, May 14, 2012

Children's conference

On Saturday we got to go to a children's conference in Zaporozhye. We took our own children, plus the rest of the Sunday school.

On the train
This is a very rare picture. Bogdan chose to sit with someone else. Even with someone as "scary" as Taras! After this, the pictures skip a bit. We got kind of lost crossing the city, and made it to the conference a little late. The morning was full of songs and stories and a sermon and all sitting in one place. It was all good, but I didn't take any more pictures for a while. Then came lunch....

Eating himself under the table
He was so hungry and so exhausted! I was actually feeding him the macaroni while he flopped like this in my lap. (Like Asya said at the end of the day, "Those people in Zaporozhye forgot about nap time." Then she added, "So I did it myself!" since she slept all the way home afterwards.)

Last one at lunch
 Then, after lunch there were all kinds of games.

Cheerleader at game time

Raia's team

Jaan in a relay race

Funny football

Asya's team won!
Everyone enjoyed themselves, and they were great sports about the adventures of getting there and back.


Jessica Curtis said...

So fun! And the comment about nap time made me laugh. :)

Baba Julie said...

Looks like a great time was had by all!! What a nice adventure! Love y'all!