Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mother's Day!

We don't celebrate Mother's Day, and, um, we tend to forget about it, even though we dearly love our mothers. This year I saw a printable "quiz" linked from another blog that I read, though, and I decided to see what our children would say about our mothers, their grandmothers.

So, here you go, with questions changed from "All about my Mom" to "All about our Baba." First, Baba Julie:
Our Baba's name is Julie Hunsucker.
She is 40 years old.
She is taller than our other Baba.
She weighs 40 kgs./She is heavier than our other Baba.
Her favorite food is very spicy.
Her favorite thing to drink is juice.
Her favorite thing to do is go for walks with us.
She likes to wear dresses.
Baba Julie is really good at helping at church.
I like it best when Baba Julie gives me presents/goes for walks with us.
My favorite thing to do with Baba Julie is going for walks/riding bikes.
During the day Baba Julie sleeps and works and probably plows (tills) the garden with that thing they have (a tiller).
(Illustration is the bottom part of the photo above. It's of when Asya and Baba Julie--with blue hair--went out and ran into a volcano.)

And now for the other Baba:
Our Baba's name is Kathy Robertson. (Lots of discussion between Jaan and Raia to get to that, but I didn't have to tell them.)
She is 41 years old.
She is shorter than Baba Julie./She is little.
She weighs 26 kgs.
Her favorite food is very grapefruit.
Her favorite thing to drink is plain water/grapefruit juice.
Her favorite thing to do is take care of fish.
She likes to wear skirts.
Baba is really good at taking care of us.
I like it best when Baba talks to us on Skype.
My favorite thing to do with Baba is play in their yard.
During the day Baba makes breakfast for Granda.
(Raia drew a then and now picture of Baba on her wedding day and Raia now. Very cute. It's the top half of the photo.)

So, Babushki, what do you think? Do they know you well? They certainly love you!


Mom said...

They make this Baba smile. Please let Jaan, Raia, and Asya know that I would rather play with them and Bogdan than even take care of fish! With love from the little Baba.

Anna said...

Heeheee! They are both VERY little Babas!! And very young, as well. I can't believe that they didn't say Baba Julie's favorite thing to drink is coffee! This was such a great idea, Phyllis!

Baba Julie said...

Very nice! I like the 40 and 41 yrs old and the kilos! I think we were both still pretty small! (: 87 lbs I like!! And, I also like that I till the garden all day! And, yes, I like walking with you all while you ride bikes! I hope to do that with you all very soon again! Love you, Baba Julie (the bigger Baba (: )

Jessica Curtis said...

LOVED this idea! And we tend to forget about Mother's Day too amidst all of the Ukrainian holidays, but it was fun to see it celebrated this year in the states. :)