Sunday, May 20, 2012

Dacha days

We've been at our dacha with our favorite ragamuffins. So nice!

We have one more week there, then back to civilization to finish getting ready for our trip. Two weeks until we leave!


Baba Julie said...

So precious! I love how Asya has on the dress and Raia chooses to be mostly clothing free!!! (: Such adorable children!! (From the unbiased Baba! (: ) Love you all!

RL said...

Whenever I look at your pictures of Dacha days, I think how very fortunate your children are. You inspire me to try for more of those kind of days with my daughter.

Hope you have a wonderful trip!


Anonymous said...

Oh my, is it normal for kids to run around almost completely naked there??

Phyllis said...

Who's asking? :-) Yes, children can play outside in just their underwear in the summertime. You see whole preschool classes playing out in hat, underwear, and sandals.