Thursday, September 26, 2013

Home tour

We filmed a little walk-through of our home today. Remember the pictures I posted before? Now you can see it with us living here. We're still not all the way unpacked, and we have some bigger purchases left to make (bunk beds!), but those have to be spread out over a few months.

I know I've been quiet here. There hasn't been much to write about: lots of school, lots of settling in. Asya did have a wonderful birthday. Will's been fighting with the electricity. Other than that, it's just been all little things.


RL said...

Твой дом - это так мило! Рая - хороший гид, а Ася очень напоминает мне Алёны. :-) Я с нетерпением жду того дня, когда Алёна будет спокоена, как Рая! Хотя я думаю, что она бы прекрасно ладите с обеих твоих дочерей!


Baba Julie said...

Very good! It looks like a nice, big place!! Loved your little tour guides!! (: Love y'all!

Carl Kellogg said...

Neat video! Loved seeing the kids. You might use the hamsters to help generate electricity... Thanks for sharing.
Carl Kellogg
(not a robot...)

Unknown said...

The house is bigger than I was picturing. Very cool. And Phyllis you finally got your all in one room bathroom. :) Julie

Anonymous said...

The most interesting partis the kids speaking Russian! I haven't been around them so this still blows me away!

Aunt Mary Dru said...

Beautiful home! Everyone is growing up so fast, please come visit soon!