Thursday, September 05, 2013

Starting school

I have had a whole day of quiet here. Even though I'm surrounded by boxes, I've been ignoring them and trying to plan for starting school. It's a challenge! I've never had to do it all in one day, and I've never had to do it so soon after moving, and I've never had three students. But, by God's grace and Will's babysitting help, I think I'm at least ready for tomorrow.

On the September 1st Jaan and Raia started getting a little upset. They saw everyone else going to First Day celebrations, and they begged me to start school with them, too. At that point Will still wasn't even here, and all our books were with him. I reassured them that we would start soon. Yesterday, in frustration, I said something like "maybe we just won't do school this year" out loud. Right away, Jaan grabbed Bogdan and offered to take him outside so that I could work.  But I still didn't really get anything done until Will took everyone out today.

So, my plans for tomorrow are:
  • pancake breakfast and discuss our schedule
  • first morning school session
  • first nature study (paint!)
  • bake for afternoon tea
  • new quiet time schedule (more about that later)
  • dress up and go out to take pictures
  • special tea with poems and wishes for the year
  • watch Masha and Medved?
Beyond that, I do have an idea of what we'll do daily. Plus, I got most of our school books unpacked. Will set up our school area for me first thing (and it looks great. Pictures coming tomorrow.) It's probably a good thing that we're having our First Day celebration on a Friday, because I can work a little more over the weekend, and then we'll jump right in.

Please pray with us as we start off this new year of school!


Mom said...

May our Lord give you a rewarding, growth filled, and joyous school year. How blessed your three students are to have you as their teacher! We love you dearly.

RL said...

Наша студентка любит маша и медведь тоже! :-)


Baba Julie said...

Praying for you, Dear Phyllis, as you start yet another year of wonderful education!! Love to you all!!