Thursday, November 28, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving!

What are your plans for today? We weren't planning to do anything until Saturday, when we'll celebrate with three missionary families and an adopting mom, but then we looked at the train schedule and realized that Will won't be able to be there. So, we started pulling together plans for today, too. Today we'll celebrate with the Fedorchuk family. I have cranberry sauce and two pies ready to take, and turkey breast--with chicken drumsticks for the children--going into the oven soon.

(I am having a bit of a hard time concentrating here, since I'm sitting in the midst of a Thanksgiving craft whirlwind and listening to Asya singing "Onward Christian soldiers, marching in da wall!" full volume right in my ear.)

Will is going to another session of the Agape school, which starts on Monday. We had thought that he'd be able to leave on Sunday and get there in time, but Uzhgorod is far away, and the overnight train doesn't get in early, so he has to leave a day earlier. Again, though, we're glad that he can go. We'll miss him... but the rest of us get two Thanksgivings!

*I took this from Agape's Facebook page.


Carole said...

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Baba Julie said...

Oh! It sounds like fun! Hope you all had a great day! We missed having you here, though! I know that Ethan and Evelyn would've been happy to have had some children to play with, too! We will be praying for all of you as Will travels and trains! Love you all!