Friday, November 29, 2013

Office days

Will has started going in to work at the Agape office off and on. It is so good to be finding our place here and getting to know people... even if that is vicariously for one of us. So far Will has been translating articles for the English web site, reports for sponsors, correspondence with teachers, and more. Sometimes it might actually be easier to work at home (even with all our noise and busyness!), but being in the office means that he can work right with the others and be there for morning prayer, too. We'll just have to find a good balance of home and office time, and of efficiency and teamwork.

We also definitely need to figure out a good plan for school mornings without our "preschool teacher"! I know most families work this way, but we haven't much. Also this year, for the first time, we have changed our daily schedule to do school in the mornings, instead of during quiet time after lunch. So far, Bogdan has had Papa time almost every morning while the rest of us work. He follows Will around, helping him with projects, looking at books with him, and staying happily busy. Of couse, that can continue for the days when Will is home, but for office days we are going to have to adjust.


Baba Julie said...

Sounds like things are getting into a normal routine again after our interruption! I know it is good to be finding your place there and we will be praying that your little pre-schooler will entertain himself while you and your other students are hard at work! Love you all!

Betsy Cruz said...

I'm sure the office days are an adjustment. It's true that most homeschooling mothers work "solo" without Dad at home, but most of them also don't have to deal with all of the kinks and inconveniences of life in Russia! We're had my husband home sometimes and in an office sometimes in Turkey.