Thursday, November 21, 2013

The craft class

This is the Senior Hunsuckers' last day here; they fly out tomorrow. Jaan also has a choir concert today. But now I have photos from our time at the big mall last week.

A while ago Will had noticed an area where they teach and display traditional handicrafts way back in the back of the huge Fabrika Mall. He had been planning to take all of us there when there was a good occasion for it, and so, last Wednesday we went. First we ate lunch at the food court, and then we got to work.

Just a funny mall photo
The ladies who run the craft area were very kind and accommodating. Raia, Asya, and Baba Julie all chose wooden items to paint. Bogdan got a little clay star ornament, and Jaan picked out a stuffed bear project.

We painted a fish on it.
Drying and lacquering
Jaan made a bear for Baba Julie

Raia's finished masterpiece
Also, you can see an album of where Will's parents stayed (and our street), if you're interested. We have room for a guest, but without quiet or privacy, and it would be crowded for two. So, this place was a huge answer to prayer. Our neighbors usually rent out their apartment long-term, but their renters left unexpectedly just before Will's parents came.

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walking said...

Your children are quite talented with a paintbrush!