Thursday, May 14, 2015

Recent photos

School time
One garden helper
The same school readings in both languages

"Lollipop radishes"
Another garden helper
Matching shoes for church


Mom said...

True homespun beauty...thank you for sharing.

Much love,

Heather Powell said...

I like the idea of doing aesop's fables in both languages. I think I'll steal that idea from you. Since we decided to focus on reading in English first and Russian second with our girls, their Russian reading hasn't caught up with their English. Thanks for the ideas.
Heather (from Berdyansk)

Anonymous said...

We do books in both languages too! Right now we are doing Astronomy, but not the same book this time, so the two books are complimentary which is fun.

~Rebecca S.

Baba Julie said...

Thanks for the pictures, Phyllis! It keeps us feeling like we are "in the know" in a small way about your every day life! We love you all!

Phyllis said...

Heather, I recommend the fables retold by Krylov (Басни Крылова). Although, this was a Tolstoi version that just happened to be in Asya's reading book the same week that we had that fable in English for AO. (Where are you and how are you doing these days? I haven't heard from you in a while.)

Rebecca, did I ever get the name of the astronomy author we liked to you? It was Ефрем Левитан. What are you reading?

Heather Powell said...

Hi Phyllis, We are still here in Berdyansk. Our church has been able to work with some of the refugees here. So far, our town has been peaceful, but we don't travel east of here. A few months ago, we received a temporary residence permit. I'm not sure why, but we were excited to get прописка. I'm now looking for the fables by Krylov. Thanks for the name. When I searched for Басни Эзопа in the bookstores, I came up empty.