Friday, May 08, 2015


Last Friday the girls and I made snickerdoodles to get ready for the plein air. One of our babushka neighbors had been helping Jaan outside with our trees, so when the cookies were ready, Asya ran a plate out to her. By then, all the babushki were sitting around chatting, so they all sampled. Before long, an edict went out that I needed to translate and share the recipe. It was pretty much the same scene the next day, when we shared the cookies around. If it turns out that all of Kherson starts making snickerdoodles, you can blame us.


Mom said...

There are far worse things to be known as than the Snickerdoodle Lady! In my mind's eye I can just see them enjoying the cookies, fresh from the oven and fragrant with cinnamon.

We love you!

PS. Snickerdoodles are also popular in this household!

Baba Julie said...

And, it is nice to be popular with the Babushki!! That can be important... especially when chasing ducks!! I hear they make a great audience!! (: Love you all!!

Anonymous said...

Everytime we make snickerdoodles for something at church, we always need to translate a recipe. So this cookie recipe is making it's way around our part of Odessa too! :)

Anonymous said...

That was me who commented above! Karen