Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Family Day

We're leaving this afternoon for a week near Rovno. It's time for this year's Agape School students to graduate, and then there will be an Agape conference there, too. So, we'll "see" you in a week.

Before leaving, I did get photos from the Family Day uploaded. I wrote more about this event last year. Oh, one thing has changed since then. It's now held in the Park Formerly Known As Lenin. Also, Asya has grown so much since last year! I didn't let her go with the choir last year, because she just seemed too little (and she had a bit of a sore throat). This year I didn't think anything of sending her off at 9:00 for art school, class photos, and choir practice, telling her that we'd meet up at 3:00 in the park.

Raia's picture of her "Ukrainian" family
The mayor of Kherson voting in the art contest
(photo from the art school's page)
Asya the Flag and her entry in "My Ukrainian Family"
Children's choir
Our church's clowns
Watching the clowns
Some of the spectators
The adult choir
Ice cream!
Face painting!

Bocci ball! (I think that's what it's called?)
And Bogdan's buddy!
Jaan was there, but he spent most of the time with his friend from another church, so he didn't end up in any of my photos.

It looks like last year my blog post right before Family Day was about the local Bible institute's Missionary Day. That was great again this year! Photos are here, including a beautiful one of Asya.


Mom said...

Thank you for the photos. Though we will miss seeing you, we are very thankful you can go to Rovno. Have a wonderfully rejuvenating and encouraging time. Much love....

PS. Those "Ukrainian family" pictures deserve framing!

Baba Julie said...

Beautiful pictures and looks like LOTS of FUN!! And, have a wonderful, refreshing time on your trip! We'll look forward to seeing those pictures! Love you all!

Anonymous said...

Love the pictures! You are right, Asya is quite the young lady now. Raia's drawing is wonderful! Anybody who knows yawl would know that is a picture of your family. I hope she won! She should have :)

Anonymous said...

auto correct...ya'll !