Monday, May 19, 2014

Family Day

I knew that our church children's choir would be singing at the park. Although, I really only learned the details of that the night before. And I really had no idea what kind of huge outreach to the whole community they were taking part in!

We sent Raia off with bus money to get to the park early, and then the rest of us went a little later. The whole big park was filled with stations run by different churches, each one offering something fun and interesting for families to do together. They were games, many different crafts, face painting, Ukrainian flag manicures (both our girls wanted that, but neither could sit still long enough with all the excitement), puppet shows, choirs singing, trampolines, and so much more. And everywhere people were smiling, laughing, and talking about Jesus.

At one point Jaan asked me if people who have died and not gone to heaven can see what is happening on earth. I said that I don't know, but I think not. "Well, it's a pity that Lenin can't see what all these Christians he hated so much are doing in his park now!" (The park is named after Lenin.)

Want to see some of the fun? Take a look:

I'll post a video of the children's choir tomorrow, if I can.


Mom said...

Glory! A delightful outreach and a balm in troubled times...Glad you were part of it.

Baba Julie said...

What a fun day of praising Jesus! And, what an astute comment by our young man! Love you all!