Saturday, May 17, 2014

Photos from last weekend

Asya showed up in one of the first photos my friend shared, and then here's a whole album.

Also, I remembered something cute from the missionary day: at the Georgia station they showed the kids the Georgian alphabet. Take a look at it. To me it looks like lots of loops and squiggles. They asked the kids if it looked familiar, and one little boy raised his hand... to say that it looks just like the English alphabet to him.

Anyway, here's one photo I grabbed from the collections I linked to above. Click on the links for more.

This weekend Will is at a conference in Kyiv. We had a big fun day yesterday (with me at the orphanage, children playing with friends back at the same Christian institute). Soon we're headed out to a park where Raia will be singing with the church children's choir....

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