Friday, May 30, 2014


We finished school for 2013-14! In some ways we're really ready for summer vacation, but I'm already hearing concerns, too: "Can't we do at least Morning School during the summer?" and "We will finish our read alouds, won't we?" It was a really good year. I'd love to write more about it later.

But, we're also actually going on a vacation! Since visas procedures have changed, we don't have to take forced "vacations" anymore, and it has felt weird not to travel. Plus, life has been very stressful for a while. Will's last session of Agape school is next week in Uzhgorod, and afterwards they're having graduation and the tenth anniversary of the school at a hotel near Svalyava. We're all going to that. It's going to be an adventure and a half for me to get us there. We'll spend the night there and enjoy time with friends. Then, when the Agape people leave, we'll go on to a different place to stay for a few more days. We've never been to that part of the country, and we're really looking forward to it. Altogether, we'll be gone June 5-12. (That includes the two days of travel on each end.) But Will has to leave tomorrow already.

So, pray for us while we're home without him, pray for him there, and then for us when we travel, too. Thanks. You might not hear much more from me online for a little while, but can be assured that we're alive and well.


Baba Julie said...

Sounds like great fun! So happy for you all! Taking a REAL vacation is a good thing! Praying for Will as he travels and begins his week of study and for you all as you travel to join him! And, we will pray that you have a WONDERFUL time!! Love you all!

Mom said...

So thankful you can actually have a family vacation! Now I understand why Raia was so excited about the coming "holiday." And what a testament to your teaching that your children are desiring "morning school" during the summer! We pray this will be a deeply refreshing time for each of you.