Monday, May 05, 2014


This is something I want to remember later, but forgot to include yesterday:
We were pretty sick during Holy Week. It hit me the night before Easter, and it hit hard. Usually I would prepare food and decorate before a holiday, but I just crashed. Will had just gotten back from Uzhgorod, but he took over, set up the fancy table, and prepared a pot roast for after church. It was such a treat for me to get up the next morning and have everything ready. And we were all well enough to go to church, even if we weren't all the way back to normal yet.


Mom said...

Once again hurray for Will! Despite the sickness, it appears Easter was not only meaningful but memorable.

Love to all....

Baba Julie said...

Sorry you all were so sick! But, how nice of Will to do that! Do you think he could come and share his cooking skills w/ his dad? (: Sounds like he has progressed greatly since "snot soup"!!! Love you all!!