Sunday, May 11, 2014


Thank you to everyone who was praying especially for Ukraine during the May holidays. The country seems to have survived. The problems continue, but May 9, while strange and subdued, wasn't violent. (Except in Mariupol, and that wasn't really related to the holiday or in fulfillment of any of the predictions.) We stayed home and remembered some of the other times that we've been able to celebrate Victory Day in Ukraine and Russia, like the time Jaan got to ride on a BTR and last year. And more than anything we talked about the history of the day and our own (great) grandfather and prayed for peace.

Then, the next day we had a great time at a children's missionary day, put on by the local Christian institute. I don't have any photos yet, since we didn't take our camera, but we might get some from other people later. We went all over the campus from station to station, each one representing a different country, with food for the children to try and games and activities and info about that country. It was really well done. Funny: as we were leaving, our children said that they wished we could live there, at the institute. I told them that we do... on paper. That's actually where our residency is registered.

We went straight from there to the evening of English fellowship at our friends' home. That was wonderful as usual. Afterwards, I didn't feel great and all were exhausted (too much fun!), so today we stayed home from church for a nice quiet day. Tomorrow our landlady arrives from Italy; everyone is preparing for that a little, too.

Random photo:

Please still keep praying for Ukraine. There is another "referendum" going on today in two of the eastern regions, and no one really knows what that means, or what is coming next.

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