Tuesday, July 07, 2015

Our conference photos, part 2

More photos:
Jaan and Jan
Praise and worship that our children really loved
After the conference, we had another day before our train left. Jaan said that he wished the conference could have lasted a whole week. Asya woke up that morning and ran to see if there would be one more morning worship session... but everyone was gone. It was kind of strange at first; we had the whole empty dormitory and camp to ourselves. Our children were not happy that all their friends were gone! But some quiet family time and a walk through very green woods reset all of us.

There is still one more post of photos to come....


Mom said...

Our course this delights my heart and eyes. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

I really like Asya's hair-do. Do ya'll have to be concerned about snakes or poison ivy there?

Anonymous said...

Just now zoomed in on Raia's photos and Love the hair! I guess you did this? Never noticed their hair being fixed like this before. So pretty!

Baba Julie said...

So beautiful! I know they loved the walk! I miss my Lupine! It only lasted a few yrs in our hot weather, but I loved remembering where and when I got those seeds! Love to you all!