Wednesday, July 08, 2015

Our conference photos, part 3

More photos from in and near the beautiful camp:

A wonder: Raia asleep at nap time?!?!
Then we went into Rovno for dinner, a little bit of exploring, and our train back to Odessa.

The trip back turned out to be nightmarish, too, but we finally made it home, with lots of happy memories.

Jaan and Bella were happy to be together again.
I just realized that I didn't really say anything about the seminars and great teaching, or the rest of the conference. The first night was graduation. Then the next day was full of teaching on brain development and childhood trauma and attachment and more. That evening each region introduced themselves and told about what Agape is doing in their part of the country. There was more teaching the next day, too. It was all mixed in with worship and fellowship times. At one point, while meeting so many new people and getting to know everyone, I noticed that my mouth actually hurt from talking so much!


Mom said...

Beautiful. Thankful you could be in such surroundings. Love to all.

Baba Julie said...

It sounds like SUCH a lovely time!! And, the area is SO beautiful! I know you all had a wonderful, refreshing time!! Sorry you all had a hard time on the return trip, as well. Traveling can certainly be difficult, at times!! Looks like Bella was very glad to have Jaan back home, too!! Love you all!