Saturday, July 23, 2016


Our happy campers came home today. We missed them so much! (Well, Bogdan and our little neighbors and I missed them terribly. Will was still enjoying the strange quiet in our home.) They had a wonderful time. I think they are very tired, too. Asya says that she went and put herself to bed early last night, while everyone else was still playing, and she slept long and hard during quiet time when we got home.

A Polish team camp to help with camp, and they taught Polish language classes, too. I don't know yet how much the kids actually took in, but Raia is accidently saying certain words with a Polish accent.

I am sure there will be more photos online soon; these are a few that I took during "Parents' Day" today. I'm so happy to have them home again!

"Raja" and one of her new Polish friends
Asya in her tent
Brothers reunited

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Baba Julie said...

So sweet!! Sounds like Will when he comes here and tries to speak Spanish at the Mexican restaurant and, of course, he has a Russian accent! Glad they had a good time and are safely home! Love to you all!!