Monday, July 25, 2016

Vacation photos, part 2

I said that we enjoyed our nature encounters. While we were sitting on the dock, this snake came up out of the water, holding a fish. We watched while it tried to find a way to swallow its catch, and then it eventually left, still carrying the whole, live fish.

Bogdan loved that his Spider-Man shirt, swimming trunks, and swimming ring all matched. (I think he was wearing a different shirt here, though.)

A fun series of photos:


They were trying to swing Asya by her hands and feet and throw her off the dock. (She wanted them to.) But hands slipped, or the effort wasn't quite coordinated, and Will caught that very moment on film here. Poor Asya ended up with a big bruise, but she was a very good sport, and didn't even complain.

To be continued.

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Baba Julie said...

Precious!! We are so glad to be able to share in your adventures in at least this way! Wish we had been there! Of course, I would've worried and you would've had to say, "They're okay"!! (: (Probably over and over! (: ) It's so good to see them having fun together!!(as they always do!) And, by the way, WHAT kind of fish is that??? It looks yuckier than the snake!! (: Love y'all!!