Monday, July 04, 2016


By the time you read this, we'll be gone for a few days. I set it to publish after we leave, because we've made a big mystery of where we're going, and our kids are threatening to read all my email and everything to figure out our destination.

We had planned that our older three would be at camp at the sea this week, and that maybe we would all go down there, so that Bogdan could swim, too. But then we were too late in signing up, and there wasn't room for them. Plus, we've been missing having a dacha and a close place to swim. So, we rented a "dacha for those who don't have dachas" on the other side of the river. It's only accessible by boat, and it's right on the water. We'll be there Monday-Thursday, and we're really excited for this chance to get away.

(And our kids will still get to go to their beloved church camp. That will be at the end of July. This year it's Polish camp. A team is coming from Poland, and they'll be teaching Polish language classes, among other things. It should be fun and interesting!)


Baba Julie said...

Happy July 4th and Happy Vacation!! What a great idea!! Hope you all have a GREAT time!! We can't wait to see pictures and hear about adventures! Love you all!!

Mom said...

Rejoicing that you have this opportunity for rest and refreshment and hoping you enjoy every moment to the fullest. We love you.