Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Birthday interlude

Raia turned 12 while I was in L'viv. I have now missed a birthday for each of my children: last year I was in London for Jaan's birthday; I was helping Stephanie in Kyiv when Bogdan turned 4; for one of Asya's birthdays Bogdan and I were in Poland. Hopefully I won't have to miss any more now. Although, they actually like it, because this way they celebrate once with Papa when I'm gone, and then a second time when I get back. This time Will took them to see Wonder Woman and eat at Raia's favourite restaurant on her actual birthday. Then on Friday, when I got back, we had a special birthday dinner with Raia's friend Karina.

I'll get back to writing about L'viv and L'Arche after this.


Mom said...

Happy, happy birthday, Raia! Last year a photograph was taken from exactly the same spot as the final one on this posting, and we were in it. Very happy memories. Love to all.

Debbie said...

She is looking like you Phyllis.

Baba Julie said...

She looks so grown up! A belated Happy Birthday to Raia! And, we will celebrate again when we're all together! Much Love!