Saturday, June 03, 2017

Taking a breath

Our electricity might be back on! I mean, it is right now, but this is the weekend. However, I just checked the outage list for next week, and--after three weeks--our street isn't on it at all! Hurrah!

This is also the day in between the two weeks of English day camp, and it feels so good to move slowly at home this morning. Camp has been going really well, though, and we are loving it.

Now that I can turn on my computer, I have a lot to do, including sorting through photos. Hopefully I can get some of those online now. Here's just a rough list of some of the blog posts I want to write:

From the concert I missed


Mom said...

We are thankful that you have a day to breathe--though we know life itself provides plenty to do--and even more grateful that your lives are making such an important impact on the orphans in Ukraine. We love you!

Baba Julie said...

Glad you all have some "down time", as much as is possible! Praying for this next busy week!! Love to you all!