Sunday, May 28, 2017

Weekend update

As is becoming usual for me, here's just a random collection of things I wanted to mention:

Remember that Bogdan and I went on a field trip to a fire station? Here are some photos from that. These are the few that I posted right afterwards, too. I'd still like to share more, but I don't know if I'll get to it.

Please be sure to check Alys' blog, if you want to see some pictures that include some of us and read a bit about the team that came last weekend. I keep a link to her blog in our sidebar, but here's the specific post about the team, if you just want that.

The family concert that featured our children was amazing, even if it's the proud Mama saying that. Raia was given the choice of an exam or a concert, and she chose concert. It really turned out beautifully! I streamed it live online, and you can still see that video here. The photo above is from after that concert. Jaan and Asya were in another concert the next day, too, but I didn't know about that one in advance, so I couldn't go. Will did get some photos.

There was also the concert and contest from the weekend before last. I think I had already mentioned it? A friend of ours who is a professional videographer filmed our kids' parts. I haven't had a chance to upload the videos from him yet, though. That day was extra fun, because when we showed up, we found that groups from Tsyurupinsk orphanage and the place where Oksana lives in Kahkovka were there as spectators.

We've had lots of "Last Bells" (end of the school year celebrations) already, and there are more to come. I got to be at the one for Tsyurupinsk orphanage on Friday, Jaan had his for his robotics classes yesterday, today was for Sunday school, next week will be for art school. Bogdan is a little confused and upset about all of this. He knows that he will be singing at the end of preschool, so he keeps asking me if this is where he's going to sing. And he was a little worried about how this all works; he had to know what happens after Last Bell. It sounds so final. I assured him that life goes on, summer starts, we have school break. "Then can we study again after that?" After his last art and preschool classes yesterday, he was moaning about how he'll miss his teachers. I comforted him by reminding him that he'll see them again next week at Last Bell. He said, "Then I can miss them after that."

In our own homeschool we're taking two weeks off for English camp, then we'll continue on until the end of June. I think some individual lessons are continuing at music school, too.

Our electricity was off during the days for a second week, and it looks like it will be off next week, too. We won't be around to "enjoy" that much, though, because we'll be helping with an Agape English day camp at the city orphanage.

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Baba Julie said...

Thank you for this very comprehensive update! It's always interesting to us to hear the details of your lives. And, very busy, you are!! (: Lots of "Last Bell" activities, for sure! We are praying for the camps and all your work there. Give everyone hugs for us and our HUGE congratulations are a year well done!! Lots of love, Baba Julie and Granddaddy!