Friday, May 12, 2017

Last weekend and this weekend

Last weekend was wonderful for us, because Oksana stayed with us Friday through Sunday. She had just had her birthday, so we celebrated that together Friday evening. Because she doesn't like sweets, I didn't make her a cake, but I did make the specific kind of soup she requested, and we put a candle in her bread. On Saturday the main adventure was that she took Bogdan to class with me. She's still learning to walk on crutches, and we didn't have her wheelchair as a backup, so it really was quite an adventure for her, but she was a trooper. We made it there and back without trouble, and she got to see where our kids have art classes. Sunday we made almost the same trek again for church, but a good Samaritan did give her and me a ride home.

Bogdan's present for her


Drawing with chalk
The weekend ahead will be full and fun, too. Tomorrow is the yearly Family Day that the churches of Kherson put on in the city park. Our girls will be singing with the church children's choir, and Jaan will be doing skits with the church theater group. Then on Sunday afternoon there's another event; as far as I can tell it's a secular version of what the churches have started. Kids from our music school will be performing music in family groups. Jaan, Raia, and Asya are all taking part in that. Both events have required tons of extra practices and extra lessons. Jaan especially has been running around, preparing for an important exam that he had yesterday, plus going to both sisters' music lessons, on top of his own. Once we get to Monday, it will be back to school as usual, except that Bogdan and I are signed up for an excursion to a fire station!


Mom said...

With the love of your family, you have given Oksana a most precious gift. We love each of you.

Baba Julie said...

Wow! You all are really busy! Of course, I know you stay busy!! Praying that God will bless all these activities and use them for His glory! I was thinking what a gift you are giving your children by Oksana's presence in their lives. You are ministering to her, but she is ministering to you all, as well. What a wonderful thing!