Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Pre-furlough thoughts?

Back when I first read this post, I thought that I should write something like it for myself. On this second electricity-only-in-the-evening day, maybe I'll finally get to it. We do have a little battery-powered internet thing that sometimes kind of works; sometimes and kind of are the key words, though. By the way, it looks like this schedule is supposed to continue all week for our street.

So, did you read the original post? Even if you didn't, you can probably follow along here, because I'll quote bits. My own thoughts are a good bit different than hers in a lot of places... and exactly the same in others.

First, I am going to admit that I don't feel the excitement. Our hearts are here. Our lives are here in this part of the world. I really don't miss anything America. Of course, I LOVE to see friends and family, but the actual travel and being away from home is really, really, really difficult for me. I'm just being honest.

Then, point by point, quoting and adding my own thoughts:
1)When we left, Downton Abbey was on season 3
I know nothing about Downton Abbey. I don't follow popular culture and never really have, so this doesn't affect me much, I don't think. Yes, I get lost when anyone talks about American TV, movies, music, politics... but there's nothing new about that. Sorry!

2)My son is going to think something “normal” is really funny and weird.
Yes. Our children will think just about everything about American life is strange and fascinating. Last time we were there, we got to church the first Sunday, and they bragged about how we had come in a car, and their Papa had driven it. Then they were ages 1, 4, 6, and 8; now they're 6, 9, almost 12, and 13. It's been a while! Thanks in advance for going easy on them and trying not to laugh.

Last time, with the car that Papa drove; they were so little!

3)I’m afraid I won’t remember names
Maybe. I'm decently good with names. Please, do forgive me if I forget, though. What I think about more is how much our home churches have changed. There are so many new people at both! We do want to meet them, but I don't know how realistic that is. Will it be possible? How?

4)My clothes are awful
Probably. Um, okay. I should completely replace this one with something that I'm actually thinking about, but I'm not coming up with anything at the moment.

5)We’ve experienced trauma
No! Not this time, and that's such a blessing. In the past we have come in after pretty serious trauma, and I know we have been emotionally raw. This time we shouldn't be. We are in a very good place for us, and we're praising God for that. Now, that doesn't mean that we won't be exhausted and dazed by culture shock.

6)I need more than 5 minutes
Yes. Coffee dates. Please! If you ask me "How's life in Ukraine?" I'll probably say, "Fine," but is that a real answer? And how I can find out anything about how's your life in America, if we only get 5 minutes or less?

7)My ‘Thank You’ isn’t enough
Definitely. This is too good. I'll quote it all:
How can I adequately express just how thankful I am for everyone who prays, encourages, and supports us? I’ll bring back a woven bracelet or some other unique thing from my overseas home and say, “Thank you. We wouldn’t be here without you.” but am still so aware how short words and trinkets will fall. However sincere, my ‘thank you’ isn’t enough.


Debbie said...

Thanks for sharing. I can't imagine what it is like for you to come back, especially for your kids. I know this is definitely not home to them. It would be so fun to see you and meet your family but Minnesota is far from where you will be. I'll be praying for you and the family.

Baba Julie said...

We know trips this way are definitely not easy for y'all - especially, since there are 6 of you making that trip! I hope you will tell us when all you want to do is rest! Of course, we are thrilled you are coming and can't wait! Please also tell us any special things you may WANT to do, see or for us to get while you are here! And, you are welcome to entertain anyone you want in our home. We can even go away while you do!! Praying for and love you all!!

Anonymous said...

We are so excited y'all will be here for the reunion! I hope we don't scare the kids to death and have them leave thinking, "Surely we aren't related to them!"