Monday, May 15, 2017

A lull

After our full weekend I either want to enjoy this cool, gray weather by sleeping, or to start sorting through photos and thoughts from the past few days. Photos have to wait, because our electricity is off today. Sleep isn't really an option either. We had a great morning of school, though, and we're not doing a strict nap time today, because Bogdan and I are going out soon. I'm loving watching everyone work on the puzzles that were in their prize bags yesterday. It's very sweet and quiet, at least at this moment.


Mom said...

Thankful you are able to savor the moment...and hopeful electricity will soon be restored. Much love!

Baba Julie said...

It's always nice to have some "down time" after busyness, isn't it? I also hope your electricity comes back soon. Ours goes off from time to time, as well. 6 hrs about a wk ago. I just have to keep myself from opening the refrigerator door! (: Praying for and love each of you!!