Thursday, May 11, 2017

Victory Day

On Tuesday we got to go on a lovely "plein air" and church picnic. The art school combined with the church this year, and we all went out on buses into Tsuyrupinsk Forest.

So, first the art school students drew and painted. Then we ate, climbed trees (mostly that was Jaan), played, explored the woods, observed butterflies, and just relaxed on our backs on our picnic blanket (Mama and Papa). Oh, and the girls chattered non-stop with their friends the whole time.

He was already on his way down.

I found a few pictures on other people's social media, too. I love this one of Jaan, and Bogdan is in this one. One of our friends was also taking tons of pictures with his professional camera, and he might share later.

There was a little excitement, too, when someone found an unexploded bomb from WWII. So, they spent the day keeping kids from running across that field, and toward evening, when we were getting ready to leave, the police arrived to check it out. As we headed back to our buses, two policemen were standing guard, waiting for whoever was supposed to come take care of it.

Jaan wanted me to add this photo from one of his friends:
I didn't go this close to it!


Anonymous said...

So when ya'll found that bomb it was just sitting up on the stump like that??!!?? Surely no one picked it up and put it there...

Anonymous said...

Sorry, the anonymous comment was from me. I usually sign them so you know. Couldn't figure out if I could edit it.

Mom said...

Lovely day...brings back happy memories of art classes and nature walks with you last summer. Thank you for sharing this beauty with us. Love you!

Baba Julie said...

What a wonderful day in nature! Such a lovely idea to take the children outside to do their art, play and enjoy! We are so looking forward to seeing all of your sweet faces here! Love to each one!!

Phyllis said...

Margaret, someone had set it up like that! Not us. That's how the boys found it on Tuesday.