Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Actual travel plans

Another day without electricity, so I will write another post that doesn't involve uploading photos. Internet without electricity really is an amazing thing!

We have really had a hard time making specific plans for our trip this summer. The money for our tickets was given to us, and we are so thankful for that! We haven't been able to buy the tickets, though, because a few of our children needed passports. Those finally came today, so tickets can be the next step. There's also just the complication of living life. It's very hard to plan all the details of a month in another country for six people while we're busy here. Right now, there's all the end of the year school stuff going on, a team arriving tomorrow, and Will's very busy with plans for English camp at Kherson orphanage.

We are planning to be in the USA July 6-August 8. The first half of that will be in Florida, and the second half in North Carolina. July 9 we're scheduled to speak at Circle Community Church. That's as far as we've gotten with plans....

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Baba Julie said...

So glad you are able to get your tickets! We know you are busy and are keeping you all in prayer! I know we are all looking forward to you all speaking at Grace Bible Church in Charlotte, too. Everyone is looking forward to you being here! Love you all!