Sunday, June 18, 2017

Lice and love

I debated whether or not to mention this, but when I was chatting with one of the wonderful volunteers who came for English camp, she wrote something that really spoke to me, so I want to share that:
A lady who served in India spoke about this and said she would rather love on people and get lice than hold back and avoid it...every time I've ever gotten lice it was a known risk where I chose love over avoiding lice, I will never regret choices of that nature 🙂
Yes, we ended up with four heads of lice after camp. I was specifically praying that we wouldn't, but apparently God had other plans. I wholeheartedly agree with the idea of not holding back; we don't regret loving!

And it really hasn't been bad at all. I will say that I really noticed how very American common treatment options can be: brushes in the dishwasher (they pretty much don't exist here), pillows and stuffed animals into the dryer (likewise), hot water cycle for sheets and clothes (our washing machine doesn't do hot water, but at least we have one!). The medicines are readily available, though; that's nice. Missionaries in Africa recommended pouring boiling water onto laundry in buckets, and there's also the standard method of ironing everything. Anyway, we had a whole day free yesterday to work on it, and to me it even seemed like a little holiday.

What is heartbreaking is thinking of all the kids with lice in the orphanage. We asked about buying supplies for them, because the stuff really is expensive. There's no point to it, though, because the adults don't have the time or inclination to do anything about it. How do you treat that many kids anyway? They need mothers! Please pray.


Now to change the subject, so that you can stop scratching your heads.... We were late to church this morning, because there was a parrot in our cherry tree! It was absolutely beautiful, the same colour as the fruit and leaves around it, with some blue added in, too. We tried to talk it into coming down, but it wasn't interested and eventually flew away.


daisy said...

Praying for the kids in the orphanages, how very sad. My daughter told me at her orphanage, they had a lady that came nearly weekly so it could be nipped in the bud if detected. What a joy and what beautiful pictures of your children watching the bird in the cherry tree :-)

Baba Julie said...

Oh, Phyllis! I remember the days of treating children and everything in the house! I know it's not easy. But, what a wonderful way of looking at it! Love or lice? And, you all have certainly chosen to love!

The parrot is fascinating!! It must've been someone's pet? Or, could it just have been "passing through"? In any case, quite a treat!! We SO loved seeing the beautiful birds in Costa Rica and Panama! One of the best parts of our trips!

And, yesterday, a Broad Winged Hawk swooped down to our driveway and got something. He was quite a sight! BIG, with striped tail! I think he got a squirrel. (We have MANY!!) He struggled a bit and flew off! I'm always thrilled to see them around. Love and can't wait to see you all!!

Petticoats and Pinafores said...

I got it last year while in the camp. I didn't tell anyone, just got rid of it. Lice has such a stigmatisim here in American. I told my hair dresser, who was horrified when I told her about it, after I got home that I would do it again in a heartbeat. I know how I got it. I wouldn't trade all those day with all those little children for nothing. And yes, the boys have told me they spray for it in the school and do check everyone, but it's there. It never goes away.