Thursday, January 10, 2008

Christmas with pictures!

I’m writing this just after Christmas, but it might take a few days before I have a chance to post it. On January 6, there was a children’s Christmas program instead of church. (And there was a funeral, the second in our church in less than a month. Please pray for the families left behind.) Our children loved the Christmas program, and there was a great turnout from the orphanage and friends and relatives of church members.

Jaan and Raia were thrilled to see the sign for this skit when they walked in. It says “Office of Heaven” but “of heaven” is the same as Raia’s name. And for those of you who know our friends here, the angels are Yulia, Ira, and Babushka Lena.

We got a family photo in parts. Everyone was too busy running around to get us all together, so I combined two photos here:

Then on Monday we had the church service that didn’t take place Sunday. Since we usually have two church services each week, holidays are even more special now. They are almost the only time that we can rent the big auditorium where we used to meet and see everyone all together. Then in the evening all the young families got together again for more fellowship time.

Tuesday, while the rest of us recovered from the exciting day before, Will went with a group from church to visit the kids in Sannikovo (the village where they used to do Bible classes) and take presents to them.

Wednesday we were able to turn in our court appeal. We should know in the next few days if it will be accepted and our case reheard.

Oh, and I forgot the big news! Asya laughed out loud for the first time on Sunday!


Mom said...

Wonderful to "see" you all this morning...prayers continue...much love to each one.

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Phyllis, for keeping us informed and delighted with all that you all are doing! We are praying! Love you! Baba Julie

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing. I was praying that you would have a wonderful Christmas day this time around. Anna

Mrs said...

Prayed on Wednesday, praying still!

Wonderful pictures!

Marsha said...

Mike and I will continue to pray for the appeal process. Love seeing the pics of the children! They are so precious.

Agape said...

Lovely to see you all in photos! Praying all goes well and you are granted a re-trial! I have been so concerned about your spirits and it is a joy to see smiles on your faces and know that laughter abounds even from Aysa!! Merry Christmas and may God grant you Many Years!