Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Prayer letter

“The thing which I greatly feared is come upon me,
and that which I was afraid of is come unto me.
. . . Yet will I trust in Him.”
Job 3:25, 13:15

Dear friends,
We have sent out many cries for prayer lately, and we are so thankful for you who have been praying! The thing that we feared most has happened: we can no longer live in Russia. I don’t know if you can even understand how heartbreaking this is for us. Russia is so much more than just a place of ministry to us; it is our beloved home. Please continue to pray for us, as we grieve and try to move on.

Right now we are in the midst of packing, sorting, giving away. Soon we will buy tickets and leave for the States. (God provided all the money we need for those tickets! Thank you so much to everyone who gave toward that! I’m having trouble getting to thank you letters. Please forgive me, if I don’t thank you individually.) We’re planning to spend two weeks with family and friends in Florida, and then two weeks visiting in North Carolina. After that, we would like to move to some missionary homes elsewhere in NC to think, pray and plan. Then we hope to move on to a place of ministry somewhere else. . . maybe Ukraine? Or somewhere else in the former USSR?

We haven’t written for a while, and I’m sorry for that. The past few months have been very difficult. We skipped over the good news too, though! You probably know that our sweet baby Asya was born September 24, 2007. She is such a wonderful, happy, easy baby, and we’re all in love with her. Jaan is four years old now, and Raia is two. They are best friends and my little helpers in everything. We love watching all three of them play and interact with each other and the people around us.

Prayer requests:
1. Details of leaving Russia: packing, documents, emotions, decisions.
2. Passing on the torch with Gospelink ministry.
3. Travel and visiting in the States. Pray especially for our children to be flexible, to adjust well, to learn English quickly and not forget Russian. Pray that we really would be able to work out that time away after visiting. Pray for a car!
4. Wisdom and guidance for what comes next.
5. COMFORT: we really are grieving.

As always, you can keep up with us on the internet through our site:
We would love to hear from you, so please write to us at or
Will and Phyllis Hunsucker
c/o The Robertsons
808 Grandview Ave.
Altamonte Springs FL 32701
Let us know how we can pray for you. Thank you so much for your love, prayers and support! We look forward to seeing many of you soon.
Love and prayers,
Phyllis Hunsucker (for Will, Jaan, Raia and Asya, too)


Lindy said...

I know this difficult for you all. I want you to know that I am thinking about you and wishing for an easy transition as you embark on a new direction. I am hopeful we'll get to see you during your stay in the U.S. and meet those sweet children. Love, Aunt Lindy

Sarah L. said...

Our souls rejoice to hear that your heart is possibly open to Ukraine or another former USSR country! We will be in prayer with you for God's direct leading if this is His will. We admire the time you have set aside to heal with family and then to stay with missionaries to seek God's desires for what is next. You have certainly gained the understanding of graciously accepting what is for the time being and allowing the Lord to work in your lives in a new direction.

With that said... we continue to pray for your hearts as you grieve and make your transitions. Our children are praying for Jaan, Raia and Asya as they learn English and adjust to America! It is sweet even amongst the sorrow to see children have such faith. =)

Much love to you all!
Sarah (on behalf of our entire family)

Debbie said...

I can't imagine how hard this is for all of you. I pray the kids can adjust quickly. I am thankfully for your hearts desire to minister to those around you and not just giving up.

Anonymous said...

Phyllis, thanks so much for writing again; I can't imagine how hard this all is, but I'm so thankful to see a bit into your heart and mind, and even though you're grieving, you're seeing things to be thankful for (or in). It's always a joy to learn new bits about the children. Can't wait to show Jaan all the cranes in downtown Charlotte! Your list has been a joy to read since you started it, and I love you for it. Was so glad to get to talk to Will on Monday. Continuing to pray for the many needs, and I know the Lord will provide for all of them!

With much love,


Anonymous said...

Yes, thank you, Phyllis! What a great encouragement to read your list of Thanksgiving! A great reminder to be thankful IN all things! Love you all and praying and grieving with you... Julie/Baba/Mom

Anonymous said...

God is sovereign.

Remember Rom 8:28 and James 1 1-


Dima D.

Marsha said...

I have tears streaming down my face right now. My heart breaks for the pain you feel and the uncertainty of the times. But one thing is for sure, God has called you all to a life of service in foreign missions. It would not be a burning passion within you if it were not put there by Him. I know this sounds "cliche-ish", but it is true none the less. When God closes one door He opens another. Mike and I will be praying for you all and look forward to possibly seeing you all during your time in Charlotte.

Alissa Maxwell said...

This morning in the shower, I was thinking of you guys and wondering if a door might open to minister to a Russian immigrant population somewhere in the states while you wait to return down the road. That being said, I can't picture you living anywhere but in Russia. Praying your path will become clear.

Aunt Mary Dru said...

While I'm crying tears of sadness for you and your friends in Russia, my arms ache to hug the children and I know that Uncle Steve can't wait to take Jaan to the beach again. Please tell them that Aunt Mary Dru needs helpers in her quest to find sea beans and other treasures on the beach. Maybe we'll even see a whale (bigger than a school bus) with her baby this time of year.
Aunt Mary Dru