Wednesday, January 30, 2008

The latest

I just realized that the posts I had written at home don't have the latest info in them. When Will got home from Vladimir on Monday, he went to the local migration office. They said that they can't have the children added to the court decision, because they don't have anything against them. (Should we have them go out and commit crimes so that they can leave the country?) Yesterday he went back to Vladimir. After waiting for hours, he got a few minutes with the boss there. He gave permission to do visas for the children, but it was closing time already. Will has to take care of some details here, and then tomorrow he'll go back to Vladimir (again!) to apply for visas for the children.


Mrs said...

Thank you for the update in the midst of the chaos. Still praying!

Alissa Maxwell said...

I'm trying to picture what kind of crime Jaan and Raia could engage in. I'm sure they could come up with something, but your neighbors and babushkas would keep them in line. Hehehe.

macphil said...

I suggest you start them out with a small misdemeanor or two. Trespassing while picketing always worked for me. Er, I mean for others. Being the normal one in the family, I've never had much experience with criminality.
( - ;
Dad (Grandda)

Anonymous said...

Would not being bundled up tight enough be enough for them to be arrested? LOL!

Laura T. :)

Lindy said...

I know Phil is waiting for a comment about being the normal one! Perhaps he thought this would add some humor to the situation. Enjoy your laugh, I know I have.
Phil's NORMAL sister (Aunt Lindy)