Thursday, January 10, 2008

So many gifts!

Accept, positively and actively, what is given to you. Let thanksgiving be the habit of your life.
--Elisabeth Elliot in her newsletter

890. My bird feeder and the little friends who come to it
891. Good discussion and fellowship
892. We're still in Russia for Christmas!
893. The month of January and January weather
894. Family travel fun (I like to say that there's no need for extreme adventure trips when you can just take a few small children along and get the same thrill. )
895. Raia, looking out the train window, her reflection looking back at her, framed by the old wooden trim
896. Perspective: praying for Laura, puts our situation in perspective
897. "If God can make His birds to whistle in drenched and stormy darkness, if He can make His butterflies able to bear up under rain, what can He not do for the heart that trusts Him?"
Amy Carmichael, quoted in Amma: The Life and Words of Amy Carmichael, page 45
898. Visible improvement in a child's behavior
899. This unbelievable beauty:

Outside our windows on the first morning of 2008

900. Someone taking care of the abandoned babies in hospitals! (article in Русский Репортер № 30)
901. An automatic washing machine
902. Making a whole drift of paper snowflakes, whole family together
903. The strength that comes from prayer
904. Nadya's suggested answer to my document problems: she'll just adopt me!
905. Cold and clear days of my favorite winter weather
906. Jaan giving Asya art lessons: he tucks the pen into her little fist, and then moves the paper around under it.
907. Raia playing dolls with Asya: "Here, this is how you hold her."
908. Conversations with Asya
909. Visitors on Christmas evening to cheer us up and distract us
910. Too many gifts to even keep up with listing them!
911. "Бог с нами" на телефоне!?!?!?
912. Seeing the nice judge again and talking to her
913. Isaiah 50:7-10, written across the top of my court notes
914. Christmas treats, all ready to give to the neighbors
915. The story of Amy Carmichael's court case, read the day before ours
916. The morning sun, turning the ridges of snow on the next building into pink stripes
917. Snow that sparkles
918. Blue sky!
920. Raia pointing out that Baby Jesus is just like our Baby Asya
921. Patches of blue sky and big fluffy flakes coming down
922. Three in the tub for very happy bath times
923. Familiar faces, greeting us when we go out
924. Neighbors to talk with
925. A rare chance to walk fast
926. The lovely little people who usually slow me down when I'm walking
927. Forgot to mention this one: help with the gigantic suitcase on all those stairs when we changed trains in Vladimir. A friend "just happened" to be on the train with us!