Saturday, June 21, 2008

Тётя Anna

Will's sister has been visiting us for a week now. We're having a wonderful time with her! She arrived in Ukraine at the end of May and has been traveling around by herself. Some of her photos from her trip are here and here. Last Saturday she got to Zaporozhya, and Asya and I went to meet her. Sunday Anna was with us when we celebrated Raia's birthday. Today she's actually with a friend of ours from church. Lena and I have been studying English (and Ukrainian!) together, and she wanted to visit with Anna and practice her English, so Anna went to spend the night. Here's my favorite photo of Anna with her nieces:

Getting ready for the birthday party

P.S. While I was playing around with Google Maps, I made one to show Anna's travels. Take a look to see how far she's gone already and get a little more acquainted with Ukraine!


Anonymous said...

That is SO PRECIOUS!! You can sure tell those "girls" are all related! What a sweet picture! I know she is LOVING being with you all and being able to spend this time with the children! Love you all!! Baba Julie

Mrs said...

What an adorable picture! Your babies are getting so big!

Anonymous said...

Phyllis, Has anyone suggested that the flowering tree (white, hanging sort of flowers) may be in the Locust tree family. It looks like a Black locust flower and leaf. Love, Julie