Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Photos and an email

Two little flowers

Both birthday girls and Asya

So you can see Jaan and Anna, too

Some of you may be on Anna's mailing list. For those who aren't, this is what she sent out today. The title is "lesson of the day-babies do not come from storks."
Tonight at dinner, I learned where babies really come from..........the swimming pool, of course. The conversation went something like this:

Phyllis and Raia(3 yrs. old) were discussing why Raia has to take the stickers off her arms and legs before going to church. Raia turns to me,

"Tyotya(aunt), you won't do that with your children, will you?"
Phyllis-"She will when she has children."
Jaan(4 yrs. old)-"When will she have children?"
Phyllis-"After she is married and has a husband."
Jaan-"Oh, and he will buy her a swimming pool, so she can have children?"

For those of you who are confused, the explanation is quite simple. Both of Jaan's sisters came from swimming pools(home births-small pool in the living room), therefore all babies come from swimming pools. It was quite the educational dinner tonight.


Anonymous said...

Wonderful! Jaan and Raia would be major stars on the old Art Linkletter show "Kids Say the Darndest Things"! Of course, I expect such brilliance from my grandchildren, as they know all sorts of things...

much love,


Anonymous said...

Now I know what my problem was all those years ago... I kept going to the hospital to get those babies!! I should've just stayed home with the swimming pool! It would've been a lot more fun, I think!! Love you all! Baba Julie

Lindy said...

That picture with Raia and Asya is another where I see so much Leetra in Raia. I'm glad Anna is visiting so she can learn about important birds and bees type information!
Love, Aunt Lindy

Monica said...

Your children are precious... I'm so thankful to God for you to be settled once more.

Martha A. said...

A swimming pool, huh....I wonder if my boys think that too as my sister and my cousin had the swimming pools too!

Mom said...

The "little flowers" that grow in your garden are beautiful indeed!

Since I am on Anna's list (thank you, Anna), I have been snickering over the dinnertime conversation since yesterday.

Much love to each one....

Mrs said...

Well! That just explains everything!

Crystal said...

Adorable! Thank you for alerting me to this post, I had not read it yet. You have smart kids! But we knew that :-)