Monday, June 23, 2008

Three years old!

I was just reading a beautiful third birthday post, and realized that I haven't had a chance to make note of the third birthday we had here. On June 14 Raia turned three! Just like three years ago, her Aunt Anna arrived that day, so we put off the celebration until Sunday. (When Raia was born, Anna and Abby were just landing in Moscow. Nathan greeted them in the airport with the news that they had a new niece.) Sunday evening we had all the youth from church here to celebrate Raia's birthday and another birthday. The youth gave Raia a doll, which has been her constant companion since then.

I'm too tired to write much just now. You can just read the link above for eloquence and know how much we're enjoying our big three-year-old and her siblings. And you can go back through the archives here to see how she's grown; take a look at June from of each year!


MacPhil said...

I just want to be the first to comment. What a delight it is to see posts again. Hurray for the internet.
Happy Birthday, Raia!

Anonymous said...

Happy Belated Birthday, Raia!! We love you and are so glad Aunt Anna could be with you on your special day!! We look forward to talking to you again very soon!! Love you all! Baba Julie

Anonymous said...

She is so pretty!!! They grow up fast. Didn't you have a story where Jaan held up the wrong number of fingers for his birthday a couple of years ago? (I may be thinking of someone else...)

Laura T. :)