Monday, September 01, 2008

Жатва already?

Yesterday we went to Vidnozheno village for Zhatva. They celebrate the harvest holiday a lot earlier here than in Russia. It was great, though. Finally a day that really felt like fall! I was cold all day long, and after all this heat, that felt wonderful. The service was outside, in the bright fall-ish sunshine, with a cold wind blowing, and a great view of the surrounding fields and village.

An artistic shot, by Will

It was too bright for a good photo.

Our friend, Lena, getting the meal ready

The Dneprorudnoe youth
(Front row: Sasha, Lena, Yana;
back row: Will, Kostya, Taras, Sasha)

Raia and her flowers

Asya's second lunch
First she sat with me and ate a huge amount. Then, when the women who had served cleared everything off and set up their own lunch, Asya crawled over and joined them.

Jaan was thrilled to get a scooter ride!


Mrs said...

Beautiful day! I can't wait for our 32 hours of fall, here. I miss being outdoors!

I feel like I need to hunt down festivals and attend them. I know there's the corn one and the strawberry one . . . why not?

I left a surprise for you guys on my blog. :-)

Laura :) said...

I love Asya's little booties!

Laura T. :)

Mom said...

Beautiful day--Happy Zhatva!

Much love....

Anonymous said...

How wonderful!! And, you have cool weather now! How quickly the heat turns to the cool of Fall for you all!! Love, Baba Julie

Stephanie in AR said...

Looks like fun! It is odd to see everyone wearing warmer clothing so soon.

I would take your .02 and give you garden space if I could. Once you are more settled will it be possible to find a place to garden?

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