Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Birthday tomorrow!

Tomorrow Jaan will turn 5! I'm busy getting ready for the big day. Not too much else that's new here, except that Asya's starting to take a few steps at a time. It's kind of like learning to ride a bicycle: Will gets her going fast and then lets go. It's scary, because she usually takes a few steps and then a nose dive, but she thinks it's hilarious.


Mrs said...

There will be a special message for Jaan at the Sandbar tomorrow!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to Jaan! Happy Birthday to Jaan!! Happy Birthday, tomorrow!! Happy Birthday to Jaan!! (A day early) Love you!! Baba Julie PS Did the pkg get there yet?

Lindy said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY JAAN!!! Wow, 5 years old that's amazing. I hope you have a great day. Love, Aunt Lindy

3girlsmom said...

Happy Birthday Jaan! It's 10:30 pm here on 9/9, but it's already 9/10 in Ukraine. So I hope y'all are having a wonderful birthday!

Mom said...

Glorious day--it's your birthday! No doubt you have already been celebrating for a few hours, but day is just beginning here in Florida, and it opens with thoughts of you. Five years seem to have passed so quickly, and you continue to bring us increasing delight.


With love from Grandda and Baba

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday, Jaan!!!!!
I hope you all have a really fun day! I miss you!
Aunt Leetra.