Monday, September 22, 2008

Fall gifts

Today is the first day of fall! Here are a few things that I love about this time of year.

730. Changing seasons
731. The smell, sound and sight of rain after a month of dry heat
732. Rain! more rain!
733. Жатва celebrations
734. Thunder
735. Pumpkin bread
736. Pumpkin soup
737. My fall leaf candle that was a birthday present from sweet friends
738. Teatime by candlelight with poems about rain, on a rainy day
739. Long baths
740. Autumn colors (even if we’re not seeing them outside yet, I still love them!)
741. Cooler temperatures
742. New butterfly socks, to warm cold feet
743. Wool socks, a gift from a friend years ago
744. Baby booties, made for Jaan, being worn by newly walking feet
745. Bright blue sky with high fluffy clouds
746. Two September birthday celebrations
747. My fall babies!
748. Sweet Asya, asleep in the sunshine, under her fuzzy blanket (I wanted to join her!)
749. Damp leaf smell
750. Zhatva celebrations
751. That special, bright, golden light toward evening
752. Bright, fresh green shoots of new grass (I never thought of that as a fall gift, but I guess it is here, when autumn means rain, rain and more rain after a Sahara summer.)

753. Buckeyes, the incredible swirly patterns on them
754. ...and sweet children collecting them
755. Fall flowers: asters, goldenrod, and more
756. Rose hips and рябина against a blue sky
757. A family walk on a drippy morning
758. A rainbow, in golden evening light, rain still falling

(I think I could keep going on this theme, but my helper is getting restless. I'm thankful for her, too! )