Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Jaan's poem

Jaan is going to recite a poem for Zhatva! His Sunday school teacher asked him to, and he's taking it very seriously. This is a rough draft of the first half of it. He's still working hard to memorize the rest.

Хоть я мал ещё годами,
Но Христа благодарю.
Он чудесными плодами
Одарил мою семью.

Also, lately Raia has really liked a song along the lines of "I want to jump like a grasshopper, because I'm so glad that God loves me." This morning I heard her singing, "I love God like a grasshopper."


Mom said...

Precious glimpses.... When you have time, will you give us a translation of the poem?

Laura :) said...

So do you all speak the same language you did in Russia?

Laura T. :)

Anonymous said...

I imagine the grasshoppers love God A LOT!! His eye is on the sparrow and probably the grasshopper, too! Thank you for the poem recitation! Yes, I would also like a translation, when you have time! Lots of love, Baba Julie

Mrs said...

I think I heard the word Christ?

Phyllis said...

Rough translation:
Even though I am still little
I thank Christ.
He has given my family
Wonderful fruits.

Laura, yes, we are in the Russian-speaking half of Ukraine.

Mrs, did you get the nyet, too? :-)