Sunday, June 28, 2009

Peas and bees

(Oops. I forgot to actually publish this. It was just sitting in Drafts.)

We went up onto "the mountain" to harvest the peas that Jaan and Raia had planted all by themselves. Such fun!

And then I stepped on a bee. Ouch! We limped back down the hill. While I soaked my poor foot, they inspected the stinger that I had pulled out of it.


Mom said...

Since this delightful post appears below the three in a tub, I nearly missed it. I'm sorry to hear about the sting, but thankful for the pea harvest and photos of such beautiful, healthy and growing children.

We love you all....

Baba Julie said...

I just saw these! WONDERFUL!! I love the dedushka laughing incredulously at the dirty children!! Would Ukrainians allow their children to get so dirty? I'll bet the grandfather thought, "And, why NOT"???!!! (:

What church things are happening right now? How are the youth? Anymore bldg projects taking place? Do you help with mid-week service (or just attend) while you are at the dacha? (20 questions!!) Love to all!!

Phyllis said...

Let's see if I can answer a few of your questions, before we head back out to our dacha:
-Church is pretty empty, with dacha season and people on vacation.
-Youth are preparing for day camp, July 27-31.
-No building projects that I know of.
-Mid-week service? There's not a general service for everyone on Wednesdays, but there's a youth Bible study that Will leads.
There. I think I actually got them all! :-)