Thursday, June 18, 2009

Rewind #1: Sullivans' visit, part 1

(I'm leaving these to post automatically while we're at our dacha.)

I think I left off writing somewhere around the time that the Sullivans arrived. Like last year, they came to visit us while renewing their Russian visas. We had such a wonderful time together! Just being with them was a treat. They also were determined to bless us beyond that, and they did that by working on various projects around here.

Like I said, they cleared our weed patch for us. Their before and after photos of that are just amazing. If they don't post them later, I'll see about doing it myself. Andrei also worked on cutting up wood for us to use in the stove at our dacha.  (And I didn't mention that they painted the church fence and our living room, too.)

We went swimming often while they were here. It's extra fun with friends!

(There are two friends from church in that photo, too.)

In between projects, there was time for food and fellowship at our dacha. I love this photo of Roz and Andrei photographing caterpillars and a chrysalis for me:

(Asya's favorite food is ketchup.)

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