Friday, June 19, 2009

Rewind #2: Sullivan's visit, part 2

(I'm leaving these to post automatically while we're at our dacha.)

The Sullivans also weeded our garden for me. That's one of the most impossible jobs for me to do with my helpers. They tend to pull up everything all together, so to protect the garden, I don't get around to weeding very often. I don't have a before picture, but doesn't it look beautiful after?

While they were here, we had a wonderful visit with our friend Lena and her mother.

(Raia learning about how to make manti, the Kazakstani version of pelmeni/pozi/vareniki.)

That's when Stephen arrived, but I'll write about his visit separately later.

This photo makes me laugh. Photographers at both ends of an onion:

One night the Sullivans made delicious chicken shashlik for all of us. Jaan and Uncle Tom worked hard to cook it. I didn't get any photos of that process, but here they are enjoying the last piece of meat:

And then ice cream:



Anna said...

This makes me feel crazy. I'm so ready to be there(Ukraine in general, but also with you all), but am stuck here. But thanks for posting. =-)

Rebecca said...

Looks like a wonderful time!!

Martha said...

I love Manti!! I have not made it in forever!!

The Vosslers said...

Oh, we have a wonderful new lady in our church from the Ukraine and we had her over to teach us how to make pelmeni. It was so fun and delicious. I'm really looking forward to this summer when our new associate pastor arrives, bringing his wife from Russia. They are both really nice. My husband visited the Ukraine last fall when we were all living in Austria. He said it SO reminded him of his grandparents (they are from an area in the Ukraine before it was the Ukraine). I'm glad to see you posting on AO again. I hadn't noticed you for awhile.

brooke in oregon